Heart of fire
Feste Aufführungen

A fiery story about love in all its forms. This is a show where you get both the mystical fire and real feel good moments.
An elegant act with high-quality fire techniques, unique fire costumes and a decor that completes the atmosphere.
All of this immersed in a mood of quiet music.
Techniques: hulahoop, fans, umbrella, fire skirt, fireworks, .

The artists come from Belgium

Technische Daten

Number of artists: 2
Playing time: 18' Can only be booked from dusk. Possible up to 3 shows per evening.
In case of heavy rain and/or wind, the performance cannot be played

●     Surface: 6m deep x 6m wide
●     Ground: even surface (no pebbles, long grass)
●     Electricity: connection for music box up to stage
●     The artists provide their own sound system if necessary (please inform us sufficiently in advance)
●     Preferably, the stage area is in a dark place (not under street lighting, for example).
●     Provided by the organization: a bucket of water
●     The artists provide everything themselves with safety equipment (fire extinguisher, fire blanket)

  •  The artists like to drive the van as close as possible to the stage area to load and unload.
  • Please provide a free parking space for a van (Renault trafic format) near the playing field.
  • In the presence of a large audience, we ask you to keep an eye on it that no one walks through the playing field during buildup and breakdown.
  • The organization provides a dressingroom with sufficient light and running water. Equipped with table and chairs. Close to toilets.
  • Catering: drinks & meals for the artists and crew members is at the expense of the organizer
  • The organizer is responsible for safety