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The daring,  the brave, ladies and gentlemen watch out: this is the last and only chance - exceptional and never shown: the Animalia or The Zoo of the (almost) extinct animals, exclusively presented by adventurer and world traveler Karl himself. Come visit Animalia - (of course at your own risk) - and be amazed by the wonderful beauty of nature.
You will be guided by this adventurer in person who will tell you about his bewildering, adventurous stories that took him to the world's furthest and wildest corners. 
Do not feed animals, because they are already in an extremely critical condition. No sudden movements. No ice creams.
Be surprised by the first wonder of the world: nature! Welcome to Animalia

This performance / installation takes place in a tent.
The artists are from Belgium


Duration: Max. 4x 30min. per day, spread over a period of max. 5 hours.
Number of artists: 2 artists + 2 technicians
VOLUNTEERS: - 8 strong volunteers for D-1 & D + 1 who help with the loading and unloading as well as the construction and dismantling of the tent.

    • Total surface/ area to be provided by organizer: minimum 20 x 6 m flat and stable surface (preferably with a wooden tent floor)
    • - If the floor is grass or sand always provide a wooden tent floor.
    • - Dimensions tent 15 x 5m
    • - Backstage near the playing area: not visible or suitable for the installations (black tent, container, etc.)
  • CAPACITY: Max. 45 people per show via reservation organized by the organization, outside the playing field
    • If> 100km away from Antwerp: overnight stay for the entire crew from D-1 to D + 1
    • If> 300km away from Antwerp: overnight stay for the entire crew from D-2 to D + 1
  • CATERING:Provided by organizer during the entire stay (Taking into account diets and allergies, specifications in consultation.)
    • Proof of entry and possibility to reach playing area during set-up and disassembly + parking for:2 x vans (L: 430 x W: 210 x H: 210) (License plates available max. 1 week before the event.)
    • - 3 power points of 16A / 230V
    • - 1 power point of 32A - 400V (only during cold fall and winter period)
  • Anchor points for attachment tent:
    • 1. On unpaved surfaces:Pickets (provided by the company)
    • 2. On paved surfaces: ︎ ︎16 Concrete blocks: 1T (to be provided by the organizer)
      Forklift truck available during construction
  • WASTE :Straw bales are used during the performance, one of which is laid down on the floor. The straw bales residue remains as waste.
    • The playingarea is not accessible to the public during construction and dismantling. The organizer provides the necessary measures for this.
    • Outside the playing times as well as at night (from D-1 to D + 1), the organizer provides adequate surveillance and / or hermetic closure of the site.
    • With strong winds and bad weather, the performance can be canceled in consultation with the organization.