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Accelerations in the composed movements amplify sensations and aerial feeling.Geometrics are drawn in space, the dance of the artists is an osmosis with the bubble’s movements.
Symmetry, roundness and dynamics give power to this astonishing visual performance.
The artists come from Germany


Coriolis is a pure dance choreography in bubbles for big space (stadium).

With 6, 8,10 or more bubble dancers...

Duration: 7 min

Minimum space with 6 bubbles : 15 x 7,50 meters

  • The organizer has to ensure the application of Sabam (author's rights or any performance rights organisation (PRO) of your country)and the authorization of the police and fire department..
  • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • The salary is paid after the performance unless otherwise agreed.
    Travel expenses need to be paid in advance.
  • They would like hot meals, beverages and free tickets for the number of actors.

Detailed tech ryder see: