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This artists visits many places behind the wheel of his 'Mobile circus'. Wherever he parks his flashy car, he entertains passers-by and bystanders with a complete circusshow, including juggling acts, acrobatic stunts, tricks with the diabolo and a healthy dose of humour.


As plaza act: circus show for young and old

Frequency: 2 x 35 min.

Or 1 hour stilt animation and 1x sierkmobiel

As mobile act: Frequency: 2 x 45 min

  • Technical details Mobile circus.
  • Artists: one person
  •  Passage: Width 1:10 m
  •  No stairs
  • Playing surface: 6 x6 m preferably outdoors
  • Height: min 3:50 high
  • Surface: paved/hard surface and smooth - no inclination
  • Grass: possible but a go-cart should be able to ride on it.
  •  He needs a flat and paved surface of at least 1square meter (wooden plank or podium element)
  • He drives to the location as a surprise and starts his show. He needs a place where he can put his Sierkmobiel (backstage). Preferably behind a corner not too far from the place of occurrence.
  • Audience at fixed act: it is best to provide seats (floor mats, chairs or benches) Music: he brings his own installation