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Mister Christmas knows Santa personally because it is his brother. But he chose a different career, closer to the people,
and above all ... 365 days a year! If you love, you don't count.
He brought a dream kettle with him. When you pull the handle, the flakes start to rain as softly as feathers, whether it is warm or cold.
Mr. Christmas would like it to be Christmas every day.

The artist is from France


A masked character, the walkabout happens with an electric scooter that tows motley trailer on which lies the magic boiler.
The soundtrack accompanies the whole show and creates a sound setting to optimize the imagination.
Number of artists: 1
Play times: 2 times 45 minutes or 3x 30 minutes with a break between each performance (charging of electric batteries).
Length of the walkabout: 500 / 800m
Ground: Due to its flexibility and autonomy, Mister Christmas adapts to almost all terrain configurations if they are relatively flat, paved and levelled.
Preparations: 1h30
Dressing room:
Given the size and weight of the costumes, please pay attention to the following conditions:

  • A clean, lockable dressing room on the ground floor (no stairs or elevator), heated in the winter, in the vicinity of the walkabout.
  • Surface of 20 m2 - tables and chairs.
  • Bathroom facilities,  sink (preferably shower). Indispensable: a mirror to brush the beard.
  • Drinks and snacks

Info and place for the scooter and accessories:

  • Secure loading and unloading area close to the dressing room, protected if necessary with easy access to the outside.
  • Minimum socket 220V / 16A.
  • Dimensions of the decor (scooter + boiler): length: 4.50 m, width: 1.80 m, height: 2.50 m
  • The three-wheel motorcycle is electric and equipped with a sound system, a snowflake projection system and a smoke machine.
  • The costume of Mister Christmas is lit.
  • Parking for 1 van + trailer
  • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • If overnight stays are necessary, rooms will be required, ideally in a hotel/B&B providing parking and breakfast. + catering.
  • The organizer has to get take of the authorization of the police and fire department..
  • The organizer has to ensure the application of Sabam (author's rights or any performance rights organisation (PRO) of your country)and the authorization of the police department.