Velo Electro
Cinema / movie
Welcoming Act
Fixed act
Visual act

Velo Electro can be hired if there are videos, movie trailers, day programs or other content to be projected.
Everything works through modern computer to 4 LED TVs


A performance usually lasts three hours. (Longer performances are negotiable.)
Velo Electro facility is available for rent. The client controls the footage. .We bring the car and make sure that it is technically working.

  • It runs on a battery packet. 
  • It takes 60 minuten to build up the set, and 60 minutes to break it down.
  • We do both indoor and outdoor performances.
  • We can use our own generator, in case a power outage might occur.

We kindly reguest the host organisation to provide:

  • a parking spot for our van
  • an electrical outlet: CEE 230V (max. 13A).
  • a sufficient amount of food and drinks (catering, consumptions).
  • overnight stay in a hotel (When there’s a booking for several days and driving back to Utrecht is no viable option.- more than 500 km)
  • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • The date is only set when the contract has been signed.

The artists come from the Netherlands