Victoria's Predictions
Walk Act
Street Theatre

Resurrected from the Belle Époque era, this stylish fortune teller travels the world answering questions. She knows the Victorian language of flowers and the medicinal properties of herbs. She stimulates your senses with the scents and flavors of different plants. With her handmade tarot cards, she helps you find the answers that are hidden within.

The artist is from Belgium


Number of artists: 1
Playing times: 1, 2 of 3 x 40 minutes

  • parking space in close proximity to the venue performance or dressing room
  • Loading and unloading at the dressing room
  • surface:  any surface except long grass or muddy ground
  • electricity: not applicable
  • The organization provides a changing room with sufficient light and running water. Equipped with table and 2 chairs. Close to toilets.
  • arrival 60min before first performance
  • In case of heavy rain and/or wind, the performance cannot be played outside