The soap stunters
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A retro stunt team with an unparalleled stunt show, inspired by cartoons from the past.

No guts, no glory, no legend, no story. That is the credo of these stunters. Now that the world looks very different with Covid-19, these stuntmen have prepared themselves thoroughly to show the public an ultimate solution. A stunt that could never be shown live under these conditions before. A heroic act that will amaze everyone, gain the hero status and make history. We can already give you the following guarantee. Everyone must see this!
The stunt concerns a hefty wash of 1 stunter in the 'Hot Rod Washing machine'. Since it concerns a cooking wash of 95 degrees, there may be some shrinkage ;-)

Ficha técnica

  • 3 actors
  •  preparation 1.5 hours before the start
  • playing time in consultation, +/- 3 x 30 (due to improvisation cannot always be determined exactly)- break between sets at least 30 minutes
  • walk-act: The team moves to and from the playground while driving. Two engines and a cart with 'boiler/cannon'. Everything is powered by electricity (battery systems).
  • show: The stuntmen show their stunt at a spontaneous or possibly predetermined spot. This is a fixed part and lasts up to 20 minutes.
  • playing surface at least 8 x 8 meters ; clear height of 3.5 meters ;minimum width for passage cart 1.4 meters.
  • half moon public
  • power connection not required, runs entirely on batteries. If large numbers of audiences are expected and a larger sound system is necessary, we would like to hear from you. A power point on the playground is then necessary.
  • flat surface
  • parking space for large delivery van (height 2.90 meters)
  • drinks/snacks for 3 people
  • changing room / make-up room with access to warm running water