All aboard!
Familie & Kinderacts
Walk acts

With this Airline  the audience is taken from A to B in a humorous way. A pilot in costume, accompanied by a flight attendant guide the flight. All possible airplane clichés one can think of will take place in this act. Tickets are valid for business or economy class. There are 6 seats on board. It will be a true experience for all travelers as well as for all spectators on the ground!

This act is suitable for festivals and events and ideal to transport the audience from A to B. This Airline can also be used for openings, as part of campaigns or as a promotional eye-catcher

The arists are from the Netherlands

Technische Daten

Duration: 3 x 30'
Number of artists:2

  • The surface must be paved and free of thresholds
  • Loading and unloading: Please load and unload at or near the play area for the bus.
  • Parking space: after unloading, we ask for a free parking space for the bus (length 5.35m) near the playground
  • Dimensions: the total length  approximately 5m
  • Power supply: in case of 2 or more days of playing, this Airline  must be charged at night on 1 x 220V
  • Assembly and disassembly time: 15 minutes. This airline normally arrives 30 minutes before the start of the first set.
  • Weather conditions: in case of rain it is at the discretion of the artists whether they can drive or not.
  • Changing room: preferably a lockable changing room where things can be stored safely
  • Catering: healthy drinks and catering for 2 people on a match day
  • Hotel accommodation: if the playing times require an overnight stay (in case of 2 or more days or when the performance is planned very early or very late and driving back is no longer an option), they ask for 2x a single hotel room