The hilarious zombie brothers
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A hilarious zombie duo that will make you laugh out loud

These brothers have recently risen from their graves. Unfortunately, the mice enjoyed their brains a little too much. Together they now only share one brain cell.
That is the approach of Hektor and Hector. Two figures with a childish view of life. They see everything for the first time and they throw themselves into everything with enthusiasm.

The artists come from Belgium

Technische Daten: 

Number of artists:  2 artists
Playing times: 2 x 60' in a timeframe of 3 hours.

  • 1 reserved parking space for 1 or more vans with close access to the venue / dressing room and possibility to easily unload and load. The organizer is responsible for the safety.
    • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • Dressingroom
    •  1 clean, well-lit private dressing room with access to warm running water and toilet.lockable, the key given to the artist/ crew member (if not, then the organizer is responsible for the safety).
    •  Space for minimum 2 persons .
    • Equipment: solid tables, 1 chair per artist , 1 small mirror per artist.
    • refreshments and healthy snacks and fruit.
    • Wifi connectie
  • Assistance:At busy and crowded events people can become a little overenthusiastic to get their pictures taken. In this instance a chaperone will be needed for crowd control purposes.
  • Catering The catering (drinks & meals) for the artists and crew members is at the expense of the organizer
    •  Warm healthy meals(dinner) to be provided for day events/
  • Accommodation (if necessary)
    •  If it is too late or the distance is too far the organisation takes care of rooms for the number of artists
    • Hotel / B&B with parking, within 10min drive of the venue unless otherwise agreed.