Fire cabaret
Feste Aufführungen

The Fire Cabaret with the beautiful Fire Gate scene is a vibrant & innovative Fire Show with lighting techniques provided by top Fire Artists and strong emerging talent.
The artists come from Belgium and the Netherlands


Technische Daten

Playing time: 25 to 30 minutes
Maximum number of performances per evening:  max 4 (Minimum time between performances (for multiple performances on the same evening): 75 min)
Number of artists: 5 to 8 artists + 2 lighting & sound technicians

The fire cabaret is a fire show and can only be performed when it is completely dark

  • Available parking for loading and unloading near the scene. Please let us know if the distance from the parking spot to the scene is more than 20m.
  • Please provide a playground that is as dark as possible (take street lighting, etc. into account)
  • Please place us in a place that is as wind-free as possible
  • During the performance, a burning circle is created on the ground, which causes temporary damage to lawns but not to stones & asphalt. However, we prefer to play on a soft surface.
  • Duration of scene construction: 180 min - Duration of scene breakdown: 60 min
  • Scene description: a semicircle with a radius of 14 by 11 m and free open height.
  • 2 standard electrical connections are necessary (minimum 1200 Watt; 220V x 5A)
  •  4 fences for an audience larger than 100 people
  • The artists provide a fire extinguisher & fire blanket
  • Seats for spectators: about 30 benches (for an audience larger than 120 pp)
  • The artists provide a sound system for an audience of approximately 200pp
  • A meal and soft drinks + water for all artists and technicians.
  • The organizer is responsible for safety.
  • If several days are played, or it is too late for the artists to go home overnight stays and meals are arranged for the artists by the organizers.
  • The organizer must comply with the fire fighters and/or police