Bubbles & globes
Opening / Closing act
Fixed act

A breath. A gentle move. A tender being slowly wakes up. Another being also starts to rise up. They are unaware of each others existence.
They explore their dreamy world and then suddenly discover they are not alone. They tentatively approach one another and curiously start playing.
Surrounded by their magic bubble a joyful and poetic dance begins.

Two in one. An airy lift, a surprising jump, a floating turn - an unique moment.

Join us on a magical journey!
The artists come from Germany


Show on stage or walk-act
2 dancers in 1 bubble
dance and acrobatics
Duration show: 7 min.

Duration walk-act: 15 min

Space: 8 x 10 meters

  • THE SPHERE Bauble is made of clear plastic (PVC) - Air Filled with an electric blower - Diameter: 2.70 meters. 2 inflators (machine to inflate the bubble) will be brought by the  artists.
  • SPACE REQUIRED FOR THE PERFORMANCE Please inform us of the exact size of the performance space.10m wide x 8m deep x 3 m high. Bigger stages will be appreciated ... For smaller or larger spaces, it is necessary to agree with the Artistic Director. The use of the space and its contents are flexible and can be adapted.
  • FLOOR :The organizer must provide a floor mat (carpet) or a dance mat for the stage area, the inflation space and the path to the stage,
    The CARPET MUST BE CLEAN, DRY and needs to be unrolled quickly before rehearsals and performances and rolled afterwords. The dance mat must be clean and dry
     THE STAGE FLOOR MUST BE LEVELLED, FLAT NO HOLES and WITHOUT OBJECTS that could hinder or hurt the artists and / or damage to the sphere.
  • ENTRANCE ON STAGE• RAMP A 2.70 meters wide, gentle slope (about 15%) is needed to get on stage from the ground (or to hide small stairs / small steps). The organizer must provide ramps
     ANY DOOR OR PASSAGE MUST BE CONSIDERED (minimum 2.70 m. Wide and up) if it is on the way from the bubble to the scene. Otherwise the bubble can not reach the scene.
  • SPACE REQUIRED FOR INFLATION of the sphere - BACKSTAGE For 1 bubble Minimum space:
    - 3 m wide x 3 m deep x 3m high
    - Add additional 3x3 m per sphere
     - This should be hidden from the public by curtains, screens or lie behind the scenes or in an adjoining room. Without it the magic of the show will be broken
    - All the space for inflating must be protected by a floor mat (carpet), supplied by the organizer.
  • OUTDOOR: In case of rain or strong sunlight, the space required to inflate the spheres must be covered!
  • ELECTRICITY Must be provided by the organizer:
    • 2 outlets of 220V and 16A for the inflating space (backstage)
  • • 2 extension cables 10 meters long (backstage). Thank you for ensuring that all outdoor electrical connections are resistant to water, so that the unused connections can be secured.
    The power electric circuits must be permanent and isolated from the circuits of sound and light (the inflators can interfere).
    Specifications of the inflators (machine to inflate the bubble): 2 inflators are brought by the artists
    • The first pump is: 230V - 2.7A - 60Hz - 600W
    • The second pump is: 240V - 50Hz - 330W
  • SOUND: We provide our own choreography and our own music
    Must be provided by the organizer:
    • Adequate P.A. system and CD player.
    • SOUND TECHNICIAN that must be present for the duration of rehearsals and performances.
    • 2 returns  installed onstage. Otherwise artists might not hear the music ...!
  • LIGHTING - General standard lighting: front. Rear and sides for large areas (arenas, stadiums or other).
     • The colors will be in shades of blue, amber and white
    . • A chaselight is necessary.
  • SMOKE Please provide us with a smoke machine.
     Attention !: There should not be any smoke in the inflation area of the sphere! (Backstage)
    1 ASSISTANT ( necessarily the same person for rehearsals and the show)
     • To inflate the sphere
     • To assist with the storage of the sphere after the show.
    - REHEARSAL: For the preparation of the show we need the availability of the stage  for a period of 1 hour and this 3 hours before the show starts
     • 20 minutes for the technical installation (mandatory) For the bubble: explanation and practice of inflation. For the show: lights and sound test
    • 40 minutes for the artistic repetition (mandatory) For the preparation of the artists we need to be free the last two hours the show starts. We will be in the dressing room for makeup, costume and warm-up.
  • TIMING - PREPARATION BACKSTAGE Inflation time: 6 minutes The "TOP" for the start of inflation must be given 6 minutes before the debut of the show.
    Please give us the distance between the bubbles inflating areas and the staging area.
    • SUN: It is not possible for the artist to play under strong sunlight. Please find a shady spot in this case because the sun can endanger the safety of the artist (stage space and backstage)
    • RAIN: It is possible for the artist to play in the rain - The space provided for the inflation must be covered
    • WIND: It is also possible to play with light wind. For elevated stages, it is necessary to implement safety measures for both the rehearsal as for  the show - it is not possible to play with strong windy conditions.

RESERVATION DATES All dates put in option have to be booked by receipt of a signed copy of the contract, technical rider and condition list, at the latest 15 days before the performance date.   The company reserve the right to cancel the option should this condition not be met.
BOOKING DATES A booking date is definitely booked when the contract is signed by the two parties, and when the technical rider and the condition list are signed by the organiser. Otherwise, the date is still an option for the company and the company can cancel the date.
If a contract is signed and then cancelled up to 8 days before the booking date, the Contractor is bound to pay 50% of the total contract amount to the Artistic Director of Spheric E-Motion.
If a contract is signed and then cancelled less than 8 days before the booking date, the Contractor is bound to pay 100% of the total contract amount to the Artistic Director of Spheric E-motion.
The Artistic Director should receive cancellation fees within 15 days of the cancellation date.  
ACCOMMODATION The Contractor is responsible for hotel accommodation for the Artist for evening events and those involving longer than 24 hours preparation.  The Artists should receive the name, address and phone number of the hotel at least one week before departure. All artists, coordinators, technicians and divers from the company have to be booked in single rooms.
TRAVEL & TRANSPORT – ARTISTS & MATERIALS  TRAVEL The Contractor is responsible for the booking and payment of all travel costs, including  TO and FROM the city of the venue, unless stated otherwise in the final contract agreement. The Artist travels exclusively by plane or train. Travel by car and /or bus is excluded.  
TRANSPORT The Contractor is also responsible for the local transportation of the Artist and materials,   FROM / TO the nearest train station or airport in the city of the venue.  And all the other local transport FROM the location, to the hotel, stations or airports, (unless specified otherwise in the final contract agreement). The Artist has to obtain at least one week before departure, the name and phone number of the person in charge of local transport.  

If for some reason it is not possible for the Contractor to organize the complete travel and transport arrangements for the Artists and materials, it shall pay the costs in advance, usually upon the signature of the final contract agreement.  

CARGO  EXCESS LUGGAGE has to be paid in advance by the Contractor.
The excess luggage can change a lot with the number of days of travel, the different acts from the company, the necessary materials…etc. Weight of materials will be calculated before departure.
Per performer/bubble:
For each artist travelling for Stage-show or Walk-act with 1 bubble:  

  • -One bag containing props: 26 kg max
  • -One bag containing personal clothes: 8 kg max.

For each aerial artist travelling with 1 tissues or 1 trapeze:

  •    -One bag containing props: 26 kg max.
  •    -One bag containing personal clothes: 8 kg max.

For each other artist travelling: 

  •   -One bag containing props: 20 kg max
  • . -One bag containing personal clothes: 8 kg max.

For each artist travelling for the show on water with 1 bubble:

  •   -One bag containing props: 25 kg max
  •   -One bag containing personal clothes: 8 kg max.
  •   -One bag containing 1 bubble: 25 kg max.

For each diver travelling for the show on water:

  •   -One diving bag containing props: 37 kg max 
  •   -One bag containing personal clothes: 8 kg max


INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY - PICTURES and VIDEOS  A copy of all photos and videos taken of the artist’s show, have to be given to the Artistic Director. The material should be of a very good quality.  The Artistic Director of the artist company retains the right to the intellectual properties of this act, the balls, costumes, choreography, and all related materials, and to use the audio and video materials made by the contractor for her own artistic purposes

DRESSING ROOMS The Artist requires one lockable dressing room for the duration of the contract (including build-up, rehearsal, show and build-down time).  There should be tables, chairs, mirrors, and lights in the dressing room. Running water and toilets should be easily accessible.

ROOM FOR THE SHOW ON THE WATER A lockable room or a lockable tent or a lockable big storage box near by the preparation area and access to the water in order to secure the heavy and expensive material of the artists (bubbles, machines etc) and of the divers (diving sweat, bottles etc)   
Please, understand that a part of the material will be wet and need to get dry (diving sweat and bubble) and the rest of the material (travel bags, costumes, machine etc) need to stay dry!

CATERING  The Contractor shall provide: - Bottles of plain water in dressing rooms, back stage or in inflation space of the show and walk-act or of the show on the water. (2 litres by artist and by day) - 1 warm meal per person per day of contract at lunchtime - 2 hours before performance cue minimum. - 1 warm evening meal per performer per day of contract at dinner time - or 2 hours before performance cue or after the performance. - OR a payment of 24 Euro per person per day of contract will be added to the final invoice if meals are not provided.

  • The organizer has to ensure the application of Sabam (author's rights or any performance rights organisation (PRO) of your country)and the authorization of the police and fire department..
  • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • The salary is paid after the performance unless otherwise agreed.
    Travel expenses need to be paid in advance.

These artists come from Germany