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Icaro is a romantic dreamer that through the magic simplicity of soap bubbles will be able to lead adults and children to his colourful world.
With his skilfulness he will blow giant bubbles, smokey bubbles, bubbles on fire, and more than 1000 bubbles to make you enjoy this surprising comic show.
An ephemeral beauty that will stick long in your memories.

The artist comes from Italy


Nimber of artistes: 1
Show length: 25 minutes

  • Scenic space: large 7 m. deep 6 m., height 4 m.
  • Electricity: 1 direct line to the stage 220 volts 3 Kw.- Prepare the stage: 15 minutes
  • Take out the material from the stage: 15 minutes
  • Set Up: 2 hours
  • Dismanteling: 2 hours- Sound system: to agree in each situation.
  • Light system: to agree in each situation.- Water tap near the stage or in the dressing room (if possible)- In case of travelling by plane, following conditions will be required:
    Hotel for 1 artist- catering, transfers from and to the airport.
  • The organizer is responsible for safety.
  • The organizer must comply with the fire dept. and the police.