Dia de los muertos
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Dia de los Muertos, a feast in honor of the dead. And party, we shall!

Three beautifully dressed ladies are ready to receive you at their party. They like to immerse you in a bath of musical curiosities and bizarre movements. A singer distorts her voice using a loop station. She collects different sounds from the environment and makes it all into a harmonious whole. The scene is brought to life by two dancers who light up the darkness with luminous hoops, wings, whips and their smiles.

Take the plunge, let your inner monster out for one night, and dance with them.

The artists come from Belgium


Number of artists: 3
Duration: 50 minutes (several representations are possible)

  • In case of heavy rain and/or wind, the performance cannot be played outside
  • Scene: 6m deep x 7m wide
  • surface: can be used on any surface except long grass or muddy ground
  • electricity: connection for music system and lighting up to the stage
  • The artists provide their own sound system
  • Loading and unloading at the location of the performance
    parking lot near location occur
  • The organization provides a changing room with sufficient light and running water. Equipped with table and 2 chairs. Close to toilets.
  • Catering: still water and a meal for 3 artists