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The dream weavers are chimeras, half man, half swans with majestic wings: they are the ones who every night knit our dreams to bring them to life. They are under the protection of their guards, former samurai responsible to gently take away our cares and our little pleasures and entrust them to the chimeras so that they make it into a dream. This beautiful and fluid organization has been operating since the beginning of time, until our dreams were threatened with disappearance by an evil spirit whose only motive was to prevent everyone from dreaming.
An ancestral legend came back to them. This one says that: "when all seems lost, it is necessary to weather the storms, to tame the bad winds, to finally clear the fog. Only when these three tests are completed will the dream world settle down again.

Fixed and/or ambulatory performance, a sound rickshaw and a giant puppet, with visual effects (luminous costumes, giant flags, small fire effects, smoke, cloud of soap bubbles), enveloped by a musical universe and voice-over narrator.

The artists come from France


Number of artists: 7 + 1 director: 8 persons
Playingtimes: Maximum 1h30 effective, or 2 x 45' or 3 x 30'

For the walk act, your group of characters will be put together "à la carte".

A rickshaw with sound and a giant doll,
Visual effects (luminous costumes, giant flags, approach devices, smoke, cloud of soap bubbles), enveloped in a musical universe with voice-over narrator

  • Parking: 2 parking spaces near the lodges for 1 van + 1 car (loading-unloading)
  • Light: all artists are illuminated as well as the tricycle. Low light is ideal.
  • Sound: autonomous up to 400p, beyond which the organizer must provide an installation adapted to the place and size of the audience
  • Safe changing room: min. 40m², clean, well lit, heated near the playing location.
    Sockets for charging the batteries.
  • An outdoor area next to the changing rooms with tables and chairs for 8 people out of sight of the public (to do the rest of the dressing)