The flower ballerina
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Family and children acts
Street Theatre
Fixed act

A ballerina, wrapped in tulle, flowers and dreams, dances in a gigantic, flowered plastic ball. Each pirouette is an ode to the beauty.
The sphere, like a giant soap bubble, catches the light and curious looks of passers-by.
Children stop, their eyes wide open. The elderly smile, forget their haste and let themselves be carried away by the enchantment. The ballerina is not just a dancer; she is a a dream weaver, a soul dancer.
People forget their worries, their daily worries. They become one with the dance, one with the flowers, one with the ballerina. Because sometimes it is precisely the unexpected beauty that moves us most deeply.

The artist is from the Netherlands


streetacts:  2 artists: 5 x 15 minutes  
Business events: 1 or 2 artists: 
Dimensions of the globe: 3m high x 3m wide.
Electrical connection max 50m from the globe

  •  1 reserved parking space for 1 or more vans with close access to the venue / dressing room and possibility to easily unload and load.
    • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • Dressingroom
    •  1 clean, well-lit private dressing room with access to warm running water and toilet.lockable, the key given to the artist/ crew member (if not, then the organizer is responsible for the safety).
    •  Space for minimum 1 persons or more.
    • Equipment: solid tables, 1 chair per artist 
    • refreshments and healthy snacks and fruit.
    • Wifi connectie
  • Catering The catering (drinks & meals) for the artists and crew members is at the expense of the organizer
    •  Warm healthy meals(dinner) to be provided for day events/
  • Accommodation (if necessary)
    •  The organisation takes care of rooms for the number of artists
    • Hotel / B&B with parking, within 10min drive of the venue unless otherwise agreed.