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Pole acrobatics is an artistic performance, on and around the pole which showcases impressive amounts of strength, agility and flexibility. The pole performances is a hit with all audiences. The  show features movements on the pole in combination with elements from gymnastics, contortion and acrobatics. The audience experiences an acrobatic-sensual performance, which is elegant and contains many dynamic elements and fast spins around the pole. (no erotic scenes!)

Well suited for a wide range of events, this pole show is the perfect live stage entertainment choice for events such as gala dinners, ceremonies, corporate dinners and parties, among others. The free standing pole is also very suitable for small sized location.
Works well in combination with the acro-duo
The artist comes from the Netherlands


Duration: Standard 7:00 min
Number of artists: 1

  • Stage/Performance Area: minimal 2x2m, height 3,50m
  • Customization: Adapt to special wishes is possible. Theme, outfits, music and duration is flexible and individually selectable on request.
  • Parking space for one vehicle if they come by car.
  • Dressingroom: clean, well-lighted with table, mirrors & chairs .+ warm running water, secure, heated and lockable. Toilet facilities. The changing room should have enough room for the performers to get changed and warm-up prior to the show(s).
  • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • If overnight stays are necessary, rooms will be required, ideally in a hotel providing parking and breakfast. + catering.
  • The organizer has to take care the authorizations .