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Humor / Parody
Opening / Closing act
Fixed act

A show that allows you to travel in a world full of humor and poetry ”.
For you, this man will try the impossible: travelling alone, without help, without mediation, without insurance...
With the help of a lively and exciting travel diary, the tourist, fearless and passionate, travels to the most remote places on earth to discover the world in a different way.
This globetrotter clown leads us into his funny and poetic universe, past stereotypes and unimaginative humour.
Now also a version for schools.

Without a word, entirely in the magic of visual theatre, this artist keeps his audience in suspense, suggests moods, conveys sensations through his fantastic body play and the precise manipulation of objects.

This artist comes from Belgium


Duration: 2 versions are available
Longer indoor version: 60 minutes.
Short version for auditorium and street theatre: one to three times a day: 30 minutes.: 60'
version schools: 50'
Number of artists:1+ 1 technician
Buildup: 1h30
Language: Not spoken, with sounds, and musical ambiences.

At least required for the stage space:
Opening: 6 m / depth: 4.50 m / height: 3 m.
Either on a low level opposite the audience seats, or on a higher stage (dark floor, or floor but flat).
Indoor performance: If possible, black side curtains in the middle of stage left and stage right (facing the audience).
Outside performance: if possible, black side curtains facing the audience (Italian stage design).


  • Dimmer circuit with an operating voltage of 12 V + light console.
  • 10 PC 1000 Watt, 4 Par spotlights 64.
  • 2 PC 500 Watt + flap.
  • Gelatine light filter with as basic colours: 152 (light amber) and 117 (blue).

The artist is accompanied by a technician who is responsible for sound and light, but not for the light installation.


  • One amplifier + 1 mixer with an input for connecting an I-pad tablet.
  • On the front: 2 loudspeakers (minimum 100 Watt).
  • Two ARC connections (optional - for large spaces).

The performance of the sound system is determined by the location.

  • Free parking for one car with possibility to unload.
  • Dressingroom: clean, well-lighted with table, mirror & chairs .+ warm running water, secure, heated and lockable. Toilet facilities.
  • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • If overnight stays are necessary, rooms will be required, ideally in a hotel/B&B providing parking and breakfast. + catering.
  • The organizer has to ensure the application of the authorization of the police department.