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These inflatables are custom made and sold.
SCENOGRAPHY: Transforms ideas into scenographic realizations. They reproduce products and scenographic environments down to the smallest details and formats for shows, film shoots, commercial launches and promotional actions.
BLIMPS AND NAUTICAL BUOYS: Impressive with a strong promotional look, they can be seen from a distance. Inflated with helium gas, floating up to 20 meters high and/or with air on a tower or displayed in the water as a nautical buoy, providing excellent visibility. Size: from 1m to 15m with double-sided logo printing, 100% digital printing.
AIR BALLOON: Creating impactful visibility, turning your product and event into a playful reality, organizing ballooning promotions and events with strong media feedback;
MASCOT AND INFLATABLE REPLICAS: No limit on size and format. Your product takes on incredible shapes. True to the faithful reproduction of products, made of 100% Rhodia nylon, double-sided resin, with UV and moisture protection treatment, which guarantees exceptional resistance and longevity, and inflated with built-in fans.
INFLATABLE ARTISTIC WORKS: They transform the creativity and ideas of renowned 'visual artists' into inflatable and playful structures that capture the viewer's eye and interact with the artists' creativity and their visual impact. We create every format with perfection and guarantee the artistic identity of the artwork.
CARNIVAL: Transforming carnival scenographic ideas into gigantic and dynamic inflatable allegories. Practical solutions with beauty, visual and playfulness.They perfectly create any form of monumental inflatables displayed on floats or floating in the air.

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These are custom made and are only sold