crazy with love
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This is the story of an eccentric street clown for whom the game of love knows no secrets. A playboy avant la lettre in the character of cupid. This love angel immerses you in the atmosphere of the 1920s and gives you butterflies in your stomach. Whether these jitters come from love or laughter, we would like to let you experience for yourself.
With its retro scooter and cheerful swing music, this special appearance will cross your event. What follows is a rollercoaster of interactions and improvisation. Cheerful, playful street theater where no one is safe from the amorous actions of this bizarre cupid. The mobile part can be regularly alternated with short or longer circle acts (to be discussed).

For evening performances, the angel gets a fairytale touch, with warm lights.
Can be in combination with a fixed performance

The artist is from Belgium

Ficha técnica

Duration : 3 x 30 min walk act (within a maximum time of 5 hours)
or 2 x 45 min walk act (within a maximum time of 3 hours)

  • Approval of the police and competent authorities, if necessary
  • Free parking for one van (no covered parking).
  • Please provide enough water and a snack.
  • If more than 1 day is performed, please provide overnight accommodation by the organization.
  • The date is not fixed until the contract is signed. You can request an option of 2 weeks.