Working with willow branches
Workshops / Talleres

Inspired by the Celtic rituals and various land-art artists, this artist started building sculptures himself with pruning wood.
He also offers decorations and DIY workshops, but especially for children and their parents they offer the opportunity during festivals and events to make works of art themselves or together with the parents or friends during a workshop.
The residual waste can also be used as compost. They are 100% ecologically and bio-minded.

The artists come from Belgium


Ficha técnica: 

Duration: 3 or 4 hours
Buildup = 1 hour , breakdown = 1 hour

  • A space of at least 8 meters by 8 meters
  • A free parking space close to the location to replenish the material.
  • They need a volunteer if they want a drink or have to go to the toilet to look after the material
  • Catering and beverages.
  • Overnight stays for the number of artists.