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Professional robot costumes that give the audience a surreal and above all unforgettable experience. These artists also provide perfect entertainment and can take on different roles.

The robot can move in a designated space, but can also mingle with your guests. You have the Blu Stilt Walkers. This LED robot is on a small elevation, making them larger than the audience present. This, in combination with the fantastic outfit, makes for an impressive appearance.

The LED robot contains a laser and can shoot confetti on command. In addition, the robot has a screen on both the front and back. Ideal for playing a promotional video of your event or brand. This screen also includes a recording function. If the guest looks at the LED robot, it can see itself. You can also rent red and white LED robots, a LED robot on stilts or a complete team of LED robots.

The artists are from the Netherlands

Ficha técnica

Playing times : 1 x 30 , 2 x 30' of 1 x 60' within a 2 hour timeframe
Height: blue stiltrobots, white and red robots: 2m20
Bumblebee: 2m75

  • Secure and free parking - They must be able to reach the changing room for loading and unloading. After loading and unloading, the company van can be parked in the (designated) parking lot.
  • The changing room  must be a spacious, secured on the ground floor. The changing room should not be near a public toilet where the normal public enters and exits. The changing room must be heated for outdoor events. The performers who walk on high stilts need a chair or high table to put on and take off the stilts.
  • Particular: It can happen that the steps that the LED robots have to walk on location are not wide enough, making it difficult for our robot entertainers to reach the party room / playground. The client must then provide a changing room close to the playground so that the players can easily reach the playground. It should also be taken into account that robot performers are on stilts, that they cannot climb stairs or fit in an elevator in all locations to reach the playground.
  • When the act takes place abroad and it becomes too late for the artists to go home or when they have to perform for several days, the organization must provide hotel accommodation, meals and drinks for the whole team.
    For performances during the day, the performers would like to have breakfast/lunch with drinks and dinner when it comes to evening performances.
  • The organizer is responsible for safety.
  • The organizer must comply with the police.
  • The date is set when the contract is signed.