Mini golf
Familia y niños
Animación callejera
Animaciòn fija

The original and artisanal mini golf course is unique in the world for its uniqueness and ingenuity.
Made entirely of wood, it offers a multitude of possibilities which gives it all its originality.
Young and old will be able to perfect their dexterity.

To spend a pleasant time out of time and have fun with the family.
In a musical and fairground atmosphere, you can also enjoy popcorn and refresh yourself with cold drinks.

  With a golf club, ball, and popcorn for the break.

The artists are from Spain

Ficha técnica

Number of artists:2
Playing times: 2 x 3 hours

  • A free parking space for a large van (Renault Traffic) - loading and unloading options
  • Required surface: 12 x 15m - flat - no slopes
  • Electricity 220V
  • Overnight stays for 2 people (2 rooms) + catering
  • The organizer is responsible for the safety of the artists.