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A theatrical car wash in which just about everything is washed, except the car... Seated in an electrically powered vintage car, participants drive into a 6 meter long and open car wash. The car hooks onto a rails and drives past the various (safe) programs of the car wash. The car (with the participants on it) will receive an environmentally friendly soap and bubble treatment, after which the car will be thoroughly cleaned by two rotating brushes. The car comes out again through the dry dock. With another large dot of foam on their head, participants come out washed and with a shiny car again....

The artists come from the Netherlands

Ficha técnica

Number of artists: 2
Duration: 2 x 1,5hr per day
Audience: 300 persons

  • Space
    • They need solid ground: 12 x 6 m. It can be a little smaller if this is a problem.
    • They can adjust the track a little according to the situation
  • Power: We need electricity (220V)
  • Backstage
    • They need a space where they can warm up and change near the performance area.
    • 2 chairs, mirror, a water tap close by, and a safe place for their belongings.
    • They need somebody to look after the carwash in between and after the performances (guards overnight)
  • Transport & Parking :  They come with 1 car and  need parking space close to the performance area.
  • Set up/Break down
    • The car must be able to access the area for unloading.
    • Set-up:  1,5 hour to set up.
    • break down : 1 hour.
  • Hotel
    • If an overnight is agreed, they ask for 2 single rooms + catering
    • In case of a one night stay, other room arrangements can be possible.