Swing of the youth
Animaciòn fija
Espectáculos de Fuego

Inspired by American music from the early 1900s, these artists return to this period and bring it up to date to put you in a rhythmic show with a mix of fiery ballroom dancing and lightness.

The artists are from Belgium

Ficha técnica: 

Duration show: 25 minutes
Concept and versions: Pyrotechnic juggling show where the performers dance in a festive atmosphere.
- Costumes inspired by Charleston style.
- Electro swing type music.
- 2 Possibilities: Duo = 1 artist pair + 1 roadie or Quintet = 5 artists + 1 roadie.
- Final with small local fireworks

  • Two parking spaces located as close as possible to the location: vehicle 6m long.
    Two security people available from installation to dismantling.
  • Changing room: located as close as possible to the place of performance with access to water and equipped with a mirror, possibly heated (depending on weather conditions) and always safe.
    Place of performance: A flat, open and non-slippery surface with a diameter of 7 meters for the duo and  15 meters for the quintet.
  • Lighting, sound system and electricity
    • No lighting needed
    • A powerful audio installation on each side of the stage
    • Possibility to rent the audio system
  • Logistics and security:
    • Cords without the act (for public safety) – if no stringsthen fences.
    • Two security people available from installation to dismantling.
    • Obligation to warn the firefighters of the region about fire show.
    • Access to a water point as close as possible to the fire show performance venue
    • Provision of a powder extinguisher if chosen for the fire show.
    • A full midday meal and/or an evening meal depending on the schedule, non-alcoholic drinks provided in the locker room and drink vouchers for the event.